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IPv6 DNS Lookup

These tools provide DNS lookups using the IPv6 protocol. This is not the same as performing a DNS lookup for AAAA records. AAAA records are simply a type of DNS record. Any type of DNS record can be returned by an IPv4 only (or IPv6 only) DNS server.

The tools on this page only use the IPv6 protocol. If any DNS servers do not support native IPv6 connectivity, then they won't be able to be accessed by these tools. If you don't want DNS lookups only using the IPv6 protocol, use the dns-lookup page.

These tools are useful for verifying that DNS servers and websites are IPv6 ready and accessibly by IPv6 only clients.

Look up DNS Entries using IPv6
Look up Reverse DNS Entries using IPv6
Enter an IPv4 or IPv6 address
eg. or 2620:0:2d0:200::10
Ping Host using IPv6
Trace Route using IPv6

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